Services and industries

Maintenance on SINAER spray units and competitive brands

Renting of spray machinery for painting, lacquering, disinfection of premises, application of anti-fly, anti-mosquito and pesticides in general, asbestos spray encapsulation , pressure washers, stripers, etc..

Specialist technical cansultance on industrial painting systems.

  • Residential and nonresidential construction: spraying of indoor and outdoor wallpaint, washable paint, resin-mortar for floors, epoxy and polyurethanic products, quartz, fouling, liquid sheaths, road striping
  • Industry: spraying and injection of fluids for surface treatment, polyurethanic products, vinyl for asbestos removal, ink pumping and injecting for  the paper industry
  • Shipbuilding: spraying of resins, bandages, anti-fouling
  • Wood: spraying of lacquers and similar products
  • Metalwork: painting of metal structures, application of protective and similar
  • Food: injection of liquid products for confectionery
  • Zootechnics: spraying of disinfectants for aninal housing, antifly, antimosquito, etc.