About us

MEDIA SPRAY is a trading company involved in the commerce of machinery and technologies for liquid spray painting, and namely:

  • Machinery for furniture painting and lacquering
  • Machinery for the application of wallpaint and washable paint
  • Airless machinery for the application of vinyl in the field of asbestos removal
  • Machinery for the application of two-component products, polyurethane and epoxy
  • Road marking machinery
  • Machinery for spraying disinfectant for animal husbandry
  • Machinery for spraying anti-mosquito and anti-fly
  • Pressure washers for graffiti and murals remiving
  • Machinery for liquid injection in the food industru and confectionery
  • Machinery for ink pumping  in the field of papermaking

MEDIA SPRAY, while providing an important technical and commercial background gained as a result of decades of industry.